Keitaro I.

asked • 12/14/20

fallicy and illicit minor and major

20. All whales are mammals.

All mammals are animals.

Therefore, all animals are whales.

a) fallacy of four terms b) illicit major c) illicit minor d) undistributed middle

21. All terriers are dogs.

But all terriers are mammals.

Therefore, some mammals are dogs.

a) Figure 1, AAI b) figure 3, AII c) figure 3, AAI d) figure 1, AII

22. Every cobra is a snake.

But no worm is a cobra.

Therefore, no worm is a snake.

a) Valid, Figure 2, AEE b) invalid, illicit major c) valid, figure 1, AEE d) invalid, undistributed middle

23. Some drinks are poisonous.

But all juices are drinks.

Therefore, some juices are poisonous.

a) Valid, Figure 1, IAI b) invalid, illicit minor c) valid, figure 1, OAO d) invalid, undistributed middle

24. What fallacy is committed in the syllogism "All mothers are female.

But some students are female.

Therefore, some students are mothers.

a) illicit minor

b) undistributed middle.

c)fallacy of four terms

d) illicit major

25. What are the figure and the mood of the syllogism

"All farmers are industrious.

But some farmers are women.

Therefore, some women are industrious"?

a) Figure 3, All

b) Figure 4, All

c) Figure 3, AAI

d) Figure 4, AAI

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