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Rational Functions Task

Each summer, Coach Drummond runs a lacrosse camp for players from around the state. The amount that she charges per player is just enough to pay the expenses. The fixed cost of running the summer lacrosse camp is $14,200.

a)Complete the table with the amount that Coach Drummond would need to charge per player to cover the cost for different numbers of players at the camp.

Coach Drummond’s Lacrosse Camp

# of players/ amount charges per player







b) Last summer, in addition to the $14,200 fixed cost, the camp’s costs also included an extra $20 per player for meals and snacks. Write two equivalent expressions that represent the amount charged per player last summer for n players at the camp.

b)This summer, the camp’s costs are the same as last summer; however, Coach Drummond decides to offer 30 scholarships for players from around the state. Those 30 players will attend the camp for free, and all their costs will be paid for by the amount charged the other players. Create a function, c(n), that models the cost per player if n players attend the camp.

d)This summer, 450 players, including 30 who received scholarships, will attend Coach Drummond’s summer lacrosse camp. Next summer, the fixed cost is projected to increase to $15,700, and the cost for meals and snacks is projected to increase to $25 per player. Coach Drummond would like to keep the price per player the same as this summer. She anticipates that at least 450 players will attend next summer.

Write a recommendation to Coach Drummond that analyzes the number of players she will need to attend her camp next summer, the price per player, and the number of scholarships that she should offer. Provide evidence to support your answer.

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