Olease R.

asked • 10/04/20

"Greg dreams of both Ferraris and Porsches."

What is the best propositional logic translation for the following? 

"Notre Dame raises tuition if Purdue does."

a. (P ⊃ N)

b. (N ⊃

c. (N ⊃ P)

d.( ⊃ )

"Prozac relieves depression and Allegra combats allergies, or Crestor lowers cholesterol.

a. ((P • A) v C)

b. ((P v A) v C)

c. ((P • A) • C)

d. ((P v A) • C)

"Neither John nor Lisa knows the answer."  

a. ~(J v L)

b. ~(J • L)

c. (~J v ~L)

d. (~ J L)

"Either Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso ignored perspective, but it is not the case that both of them did." 

a. ((S v P) • N)

b. ((S • P) • ~(S • P))

c. ((S v P) • ~(S • P))

d. ((S v P) v ~(S • P))

"Greg dreams of both Ferraris and Porsches."

a. (F ⊃ P)

b. (F v P)

c. (F • P)


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