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Zena K.

asked • 07/26/20

Please Help me Answer ASAP!! Suppose f′(x) = √(x) sin(x^2) and f(0) = 5. Estimate f(b) for:

Suppose f′(x) = √(x) sin(x2) and f(0) = 5.

Estimate f(b) for:

b = 0 : f(b) ≈ 5

b = 1: f(b) ≈

b = 2 : f(b) ≈

b = 3 : f(b) ≈

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Zena K.

Hi Mike! Thanks for the help. I am afraid I still can not get right answer. Solving the problem the way you advised, I ended up with: f(1) = 5.945 f(2) = 7.355 f(3) = 9.552 Why am I still unable to get the right answer? Thanks again!


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