Asked • 05/24/20

How many sharps are in the key of E? Which notes are sharp?

The circle of fifths can help you find the answer. Starting from the middle of the circle (C/a) and moving clockwise, you will begin to notice that each new key has one more sharp than the one that came before it on the circle. Each key represented on the circle (moving clockwise) is 5 notes away (P5) from the one that came before it.

You will find that the same thing is true for the flat keys as well. Starting at the middle of the circle (C/a), and moving counter clockwise, each new key added to the circle has one more flat than the key that came before it, except now each new key is now 4 notes away (P4) from the key that came before it.

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Carlos M. answered • 06/13/20

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Karen M. answered • 11/28/20

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