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Rational functions and variations

1.) Explain the transformation of the graph above from the parent function, f(x) = 1/x. Make sure you include an explanation of your thought process. Hint: Check the graph carefully for a stretch or shrink as one of the transformations.

rational function graph

2. The force required to move an object by a lever and fulcrum varies inversely with the distance from the fulcrum that the force is applied. If the force required to move the rock at a distance of 9 feet is 80 lbs, what would be the force required with a distance of 15 feet? Explain your thought process.

fulcrum diagram

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Mark H. answered • 4d

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Gracie S.

What about number 2?


Mark H.

#2: The moment will be the same. The moment is the product of the force and the length of the lever arm--in this case, 9*80 = 720 ft-lbs


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