Asked • 07/11/19

How to calculate scores?

This question is more related to logic than any programming language. If the question is not apt for the forum please do let me know and I will delete this. I have to write a logic to calculate scores for blogs for a Blog Award website. A blog may be nominated for multiple award categories and is peer-reviewed or rated by a Jury on a -1 to 5 scale (-1 to indicate a blog they utterly dislike). Now, a blog can be rated by one or more Jurors. One criterion while calculating final score for a blog is that if a blog is rated positively by more people it should get more weightage (and vice-versa). Similarly a blog rated -1 even by one Juror should have its score affected (-1 is sort of a Veto here). Lastly, I also want to have an additional score based on the Technorati rank of the blog (so that the final score is based on a mix of Juror rating + Technorati ranking). Example: A blog is rated in category A by total 6 Jurors. 2 rate it at 3, 3 rate it at 2 and 1 rate it at 4. (I used to calculate the score as (2*3 + 3*2 + 1*4)/6 = 16/6 = 2.67 to get weighted average but I am not satisfied with this, primarily because it doesn't work well when a Juror rating is -1. Moreover, I need to add the Technorati ranking ranking criteria too) . Could you help me decide the best way to calculate the final scores (keeping the rating method same as above as that cannot be changed now)?

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James G. answered • 07/11/19

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