Asked • 06/26/19

Is there a formal term for the "WWHW" and "WHWW" ordering of intervals in a perfect 5th?

The reason for my question is that I'm developing a simpler way, using one's fingers instead of the music staff to introduce basic theory to non-musicians. It's called "THE Music Theory" - "THE" stands for "Two Handed Easier". In THE course I define major & minor as the respective interval groupings of "WWHW" and "WHWW" as they are the only two patterns that concatenate to form diatonic scales - a P5 specifying the 'second tonic' of 'so', the first being 'do'. Using this method one can quickly determine and see the interplay of scales, notes and chords - and even more quickly if you play guitar. For example, If you ask me ‘What keys have a C-minor chord’ well it has to be B-flat, E-flat and A-flat, and!, I can tell you that in those keys the C-minor chord is the 2nd, 6th and 3rd chords respectively - and that chord progression knowledge is the cornerstone for writing songs, solos, whatever … it’s core-harmony. The shortcoming of the tetrachord method - sandwiching a "W" - gives you the seven notes of a scale but it doesn't create the helix pattern of the circle of fifths. So I'm wondering if there already is a formal term for these two specific interval patters onto themselves ... not just as a portion of a mode.

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