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Break the problem into two different multiplication problems:

(x4+11x3+33x2+24x+32) * x and (x4+11x3+33x2+24x+32) * 6

multiplying by x is easy, just increase the power of each member of the polynomial.  Arrange the two polynomials underneath each other to make addition of like terms easier.

(x4+11x3+33x2+24x+32) * x    = x+ 11x+ 33x+ 24x+  32x

(x4+11x3+33x2+24x+32) * x    =         6x+ 66x+198x+144x + 192

(x4+11x3+33x2+24x+32)(x+6)  = x5 + (11+6)x4 + (33+66)x3 + (24+198)x2 + (32+144)x +192

Complete the addition and you'll have your answer!