Cody T.

asked • 11/05/18

Asking the excel formula

for example, when I put 0700 in one column and the last number is "00", the second column want to be 1530, if the first column is 0800, the second column would be 1630, but if the first column I put the number is 0730, means the last 2 number is "30", I want the second column is showed 1600, if 0830 in the first column, the second would be 1700.

How can I set this Formula?


One more question, if I put some chinese in the column, the second column will be showed a standard number like 30, but if i the first column is put "off" or "off XXX", means when there is "off" this text is shown in the first column, there is nothing in the second column, is it worked to make a formula?

Thank you so much! Hope you can help.!

Chris S.

What do these numbers represent? Are you trying to calculate time intervals? If so, I would format your data as time data type, and use time calculations to do so. If not, please revise your description to include what type of data this is.


Stanton D.

Also, it is impossible to determine what your second query is all about. Is "off" a literal text string? If the string is "off 321" what exactly do you wish to display? And how will Excel determine if your entry is in Mandarin? Doesn't Mandarin have numbers, too?


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Brandon P. answered • 06/06/19

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