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how best can I present a data of plant height at 3 different growth stages for 8 treatments and 7 sites

 I have 8 treatments (nutrient solutions), plant height sampled at 14, 24 and 34 days after emergency for 7 locations. I would like to present all these data in one.

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This will be difficult if not impossible if I understand it right. I think you have to choose either site or treatment (my guess is site) and minimum three tables or graphs, one each for 14, 24 and 34 days. Your x value can be the seven sites, and the y value the results of the 8 treatments. You might try bar graphs clustered for each of the 8 treatments and the 7 sites. Still, this will be a very busy table or graph. Use colors to separate data types.
Then try to group your findings if some are similar. This study design is not ideal to find anything, since the number of observations and numbers of groups are unlikely to demonstrate statistical difference. Consider taking a few treatments and sites and present them together.