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Assume that you have a part time job.

you usually do not use your car in this job, but today your employer asks you to drive 160.934 km (round trip) to deliver some important documents. your employer offers to "reimburse you for your driving expenses". you already have a full tank of gas, so you are able to drive the whole 160.934 km without stopping and you dont actually spend any money during the trip. does this mean that you have incurred no "expenses" for which you should be reimbursed? explain.

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You should be reimbursed; if you hadn't used your car, and therefore your gas--for which you presumably paid money--for work, you could have used it for other purposes like going to the grocery store. Knowing the cost of gas and your car's gas mileage, you should calculate the cost of the gas you used to travel 160.934 km, and request reimbursement for it.