Pragyan S.

asked • 06/06/18

Final image through combination of lens and mirror

An illuminated object is placed at right angle to the axis of a converging lens of focal length 15cm and 22.5cm away from it. On the other side of the lens coaxial to it a diverging lens of focal length 30 cm is placed. Find the position of final image when the lenses are 15cm apart and a lane mirror is placed perpendicular to the axis 30 cm beyond the diverging lens. (Answer: image coincides with the object)

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Pradip M. answered • 06/06/18

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Pragyan S.

I actually had drawn the ray diagram and I was stuck after that. The rays are coming from the left side parallelly, then the image is formed in the right side yes? Then how come the image coincide with the object. And morever where is the image formed when the say is parallel. I guess it is the plane mirror that is creating questions for me. I've attached the ray diagram.


Pragyan S.

hey, I've no problem with my previous comment. please discard that. however, i have another question: does the image of the object is of reduced height, here?


Pradip M.

Hello Pragyan,
The rays incident on the plane mirror are parallel to the axis and so they will retrace their path all the way. The Image will be formed (real) where the Object is . It will be upright and of the same size.


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