Xiao L.

asked • 02/25/18

What is the inversion of a diminished fifth (d5)

 What is the inversion of a diminished fifth (d5)

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Mark M. answered • 02/25/18

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Jon S.

Actually, in theoretical term, it would be an augmented 4th. In music theory, inversions must add up to the number 9. For example, an inverted M3 becomes a m6. Also, when you invert a diminished quality interval, it becomes it's opposite, which is augmented.


David M.

If one had to be fair, jazz musicians use enharmonics almost automatically, due to rapid modulation in jazz. Gb=F#, in that case. This is applied in the case of a tritone substitution, for instance, where Ab7#4, containing C and Gb, is replaced by D7alt, which contains C and F#.


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