Shrey D.

asked • 01/28/18

Algebra 2- Solving Logarithmic/Exponential Functions

−4log5 x−5≥3 (the 5 next to the log is slightly below the log, for the log base I could also add a photo but I don't see an option and it failed when trying to copy and paste it. I am supposed to find x, any help would be appreciated!

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Philip P. answered • 01/28/18

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Shrey D.

Thank you! I put less than not less than or equal to for 1/25


Al P.

Shrey:  your comment about changing from "less than or equal to" to "less than" only makes sense if the original problem was {left hand side} > 3.  Maybe that is indeed the case, but for others looking at Philip's (and Bobosharif's) work out of the problem,  the solution most certainly is 0 < x  1/25.   


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