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An airplane...

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2 Answers

An incorrect directional degree led to a mistake in my solution. Surendra K. has the correct solution.


Hello Arthur, With 79.28 SW
Angle A should be 169.28 degrees and not 100.83 degrees
ie. Angle CAB = 169.28 degrees.
Could you please explain how you got 169.28º. Thank you.
If you draw the diagram
AB = 180 m
BC = 160 m
Angle BAC = 169 deg 17 min
Applying the formula
C^2 = a^2. + b^2 -2ab cos(169deg 17min)
C^2 = 32400+25600-2*180*160*cos(169 deg 17 min)
C= 338.5 mt


I just realized my mistake. I was making 79 degrees with the x-axis when I should have been making 79 degrees with the y-axis. Directional degrees is with the vertical. Thank you for correcting me.
Arthur D.