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At an altitude of 3300 feet, the engine on a small plane fails. What angle of depression is needed to reach an airport runway that is 3 miles away by land? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree.)

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  | 3300 feet
  |             15,840 feet          θ
  ---------------------------------------- runway
The plane is 3miles*5280 feet per mile = 15,840 feet from the runway.  The angle of depression, θ, is the angle from the runway to the plane along the hypotenuse of the triangle.
Tanθ = 3300/15840 = 0.01894
θ = tan-1(0.01894) = 6.31o


the answer that is have is none of the multiple answers on my worksheet
a) 88.9°
c) 89.9°