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Factor the Trinomial

x² - 5x - 14

(Please use the FOIL Method)

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2 Answers

Hi Whitney! 

As tutors, we are here to help guide you without doing the homework problems for you.  Have you attempted to factor this trinomial yet?  If you haven't and it is because you aren't sure of the FOIL method, I feel confident that you could get a mini-lesson on the website:  Khan Academy.  If you haven't used it before, it is a great resource for algebra!  I used it quite a bit when I'd forget how to perform a function or method in College Algebra.

After reviewing the FOIL method, please attempt to factor the trinomial and post your work here.  I will let you know if you've factored it correctly or not.  If not, I'll show you the proper way to factor the problem.  It's important that you show your work here as it would be academically dishonest for us to provide you with an answer without having seen your work.

I hope this is helpful to you! 


Vicki N., Florida

Use inverse FOIL:

x² - 5x - 14

= x² + 2x - 7x - 14

= x(x+2) - 7(x+2)

= (x-7)(x+2) <==Answer