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why the will was fake?

Holmes was asked by a man to help him with his fathers will. The old man (General Edward) had left a fortune worth $100mn to his driver and a meager $50000 to his son. Holmes read the last paragraph of will " To my driver james who chaffured me across Europe in the first World War, and saved my life on 5 occasions I pledge $100 mn and my Scottish mansion. To my banker son who always loved me I bequeath the jewellery & my prized golden sword both worth $50000" - signed on 18 April 1923
Holmes immediately remarked its fake!!!!
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2 Answers

World War II didn't begin until 1939.  As of April 18, 1923, there would have been no reason to refer to it as "the first World War."  Therefore, I would conclude that this was written at a much later date.
Because no one would have known in 1923 that there would be a second World War.  WWII would begin in 1939, though the Nazi party would be gaining strength in 1923 as a result of inflation in Germany after being presented a bill for damages after starting what we now call WWI.  The General would have referred to it as "The Great War" by most Europeans; "The European War" by some American's who served during that time.  It would not be referred to as the first World War until after the second one had been initiated.