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solve inequality for the given variable?

s + 9 > 24= ?

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2 Answers

When solving inequalities, the sign is flipped when dividing theequation. In this one, though, it's not necessary.

S+9>24 make sure you're going in the right direction. In this case, the inequality is greater than a numerical value. When graphing, make sure of 2 things: 1. The line is dotted. This is because the value is not included in your answer. On a number line, this will be represented by an open circle.

S+9>24 subtract 9 from either side to isolate the variable you're solving for.



Hi Raymond, here's a note about the line "the sign is flipped when dividing theequation".  It doesn't affect the answer to this particular question, but is useful to know in general.  

The direction (> or <) of an inequality is flipped when multipying or dividing by a negative number, and is unchanged when multiplying or dividing by a positive number.  (So it's only the positivity/negativity of the multiplier or divider that decides whether or not there is flipping.)  

If s + 9 > 24, then you subtract 9 from both sides. You keep the inequality sign facing the same direction. So:

s + 9 > 24 => s > 15.