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student drew a pattern on a paper. the pattern repeats every 121/2in the total length of the paper is 24 1/4 ft how many times did the complete pattern appera

not sure how to get answer  please help

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I'm assuming you meant 12.5 inches (not 121/2, which would be 60.5 inches). 
First, you need to make make sure both numbers have the same measurements attached. That way the numbers will be easier to work with. I suggest turning the feet into inches because this requires multiplication (versus division, where you're dealing with tricky decimals). So how many inches are in a foot? Multiply that number by 24.25 feet, and you will get a large number.
Divide your answer (that large number) by 12.5 (which is how often the pattern repeats). To clarify, you now have the length of the paper in inches (your first answer) divided by how often the pattern repeats in inches (12.5).
Once you have divided these numbers, you have your answer--how many times the pattern appears on the paper.