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determine whether each function is linear or quadratic y=2x^2-(3x-5)

im a highschool student about to graduate and I need help with my last class in order to graduate please help me someone

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Definitely quadratic :)
Linear is usually shown as y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept
You can tell a formula is quadratic when it is raised to a higher power, i.e. 2x^2
The squared is a dead give away. Hope that helps some!


thank you so much now its asking me to identify the quadratic, linear, and constant terms what does this mean 
when you hear quadratic think x2
when you hear linear think x
when you hear constant think of the integer(number without a variable)
Ex: 2x2+3x-9
 2x2 = QUADRATIC term
3x = Linear term
-9 = Constant term
y=mx+b is like y=3x+4, so linear term is 3 which is the slope of the "line"(think linear) on a graph and the constant term would then be 4. The 4 is also referred to as the y intercept because thats where it crosses the line on the graph.
Its very helpful to graph this stuff out especially if you learn best visually
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