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in a random sample of 32 gas grills, the mean price was $280.90 with a standard deviation of $123.70

i need help on my homework.


You need to state the problem completely.

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Are you looking for confidence interval?  i will assume so    its usually 95 percent C.I which means Z of 1.96 
mean + or _(Z)  std/square root of the population(n)
280.90 +(1.96)123.70/sq root of 32
280-(1.96)123.70/sq root of 32
sq root of 32 is about 5.6
so 280.90+(1.96)123.70/5.6=324
therefore my 95 percent confidence interval is in the range of 238-324 dollars   in other words, I am 95 percent certain of this range ;)