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there is5026g of flour in canister, 4125g in a bag. some poured into canister. the canister is now twice the amount as the bag. How much is left in the bag?

need to know what is left in the bag after some poured into canister which gives the canister 2 times the mass over the bag

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In order to answer this question we need to rewrite the word problem as a formula.
Start with the values they give you, 5026 and 4125. This is the total amount of flour.  The flour will then be split so that 2 times as much is in the canister than in the bag, 2x and x.
From this you can set up a formula that sets the total amount of flour equal to the final amounts in the canister and bag:
5026 + 4125 = 2x + x
9151 = 3x
9151/3 = 3x/3
3050.33 = x
Since x was the amount left in the bag the answer will be 3050 and 1/3 (3050.33)