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Z[4(x+y) -4(3x-5)]

can you tell me how to do this problem.  Simplify thank you.  


I don't believe that this is the correct answer.  what happened to the 12x?  if you distribute the Z to all elements it does not negate the 12x?  Please explain further.  Also if the Z was a 2 how would you get the answer in that case.  Thanks.  I appreciate.

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Larry M. | Mathematics TutorMathematics Tutor
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The 4x and the -12x can be combined together with the result of -8x
If z = 2
then we can replace z with 2 in the expression:
-8ZX + 4ZY + 20 Z
-8(2)X + 4(2)Y + 20 (2)
-16X + 8Y + 40
Parviz F. | Mathematics professor at Community CollegesMathematics professor at Community Colle...
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 Z ( 4X +4Y -12X + 20) =
   z ( -8X + 4Y + 20) =
    -8ZX + 4ZY + 20 Z 


so lets say that the Z is not a Z but a 2 what would the answer be and how would I carry it through?  thanks