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x=52 /17+5(7+9)

Find the value of x

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1 Answer

In this problem the key idea you have to understand is order of operations.  Let's review:  Anything in parenthesis is done first.  Multiplication and division is done before addition and subtraction.  With these two rules we can do this problem.  x = 52/17 + 5(7+9).  First we see that there areparenthesis so we do this operation first and simplify the equation to x = 52/17 + 5(16).  We then do the multiplication and division operations to simplify x = 52/17 + 80 = 83.06 (rounding to the nearest hundreth).  If the problem would have read x = 52/(17+5(7+9)) this would have simplified to x = 52/(17+80) = 52/97 = .536.