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What are the best audition tips I could use?

I have a musical theatre audition coming up, and I'd like some pointers, if that's alright. Stuff such as selecting a song, what to do and what not to do, how to prepare.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Jensen.  There are many pointers I can share with you regarding an audition.  First, be prepared by having several selections available to present.  Numbers performed should be ones that reflect the era and musical style that is incorporated into the production as well as reflect your musical strengths the best.  If there is a specific role you are auditioning for, be familiar with that character beyond the musical number(s).  While some recruiters like to hear the songs of the production, others are more concerned with sound quality, tone, and whether you can be believable as the character.  If this is a vocal audition, you may be asked to sing a capella, in a duet, or with accompaniment.
Preparing includes being familiar with the production's plot and the characters, as well as the music.  Remember to warm up well before your audition and keep your throat warm before the audition, whether vocal or instrumental audition.  Arrive on time or a few minutes early.  You don't want to be too early as it may appear as if you are desperate for the part, which can be negative.  Late is also a negative. 
Dress comfortably, but not too casually.  Remember, you're selling you as much as your musical talent.  Never dress as the character would!  The director/producer has his/her own idea of what the wardrobe should be and it may be completely different than what you think it may be.
Be prepared to answer some general questions, such as why do you want this part/role? What can you bring to the table that benefits the production as a whole? 
Remember to say thank you to both the listener(s) and anyone who is also performing with you during the audition. 
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Hi Jensen;
I have never participated nor witnessed a theater audition.  However, when I took speech in college, my professor gave me some advise from which I have received much mileage...
Only (sing) what is EASY!!!!