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I dont know how to create and solve a piecewise function from a word problem

Your company has decided to distribute flyers advertising your new salsas. The local copy shop charges 0.12 per photocopy for 100 copies or less, then drops the price to 0.09 per copy, after the first 100 are purchased up to 500 copies, then chargers 0.07 per copy over 500, after the first 500 copies are made. Write a piecewise function that gives the cost C (in dollars) of making x photocopies of your flyer at the copy shop.

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Hi Amy,
Let C be the cost and N be the number of copies made
       .12xN  for   0<N≤100
C =  .09xN  for  100< N<500
       .07xN  for   N≥500 
Is the function you are looking for
Jim S


Amy I can  only assume that you might be asked to calculate how many copies you could get for say$5.00. This might be what is meant by "solve"