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solving polynomials 8v( v- 10)

The problem is 8V (v-10)
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2 Answers

To solve this, you must distribute 8v to the terms inside the parentheses by multiplying 8v by each term separately, so:
f(v) = 8v(v - 10) is a Quadratic Function in Factored Form.
It's graph is a parabola that opens up b/c a = +8.
It's Zeros are v = 0 and v = 10. These are also it's v-intercepts.
It's Axis of Symmetry is halfway between the Zeros at v = 5.
It's Vertex is (5,f(5)) = (5,8(5)(5-10)) = (5,-200).
It's Vertex Form Equation is f(v) = 8(v - 5)^2 - 200.
It's Standard Form Equation is f(v) = 8v^2 - 80v.