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Which is the solution to [5x] is greater than 15?

This is an algebra II question that i can't for the life of me understand
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2 Answers

[5x] > 15
If this is the Greatest Integer Function then
5x >= 16, x >= 3.2.


The Greatest Integer Function is also called the Floor Function. E.g., [2.5] = 2, [-2.5] = -3, [2] = 2.
Hi Tracey;
I do not know if you know the difference between < and >.  In the sixth grade, the way we remembered this is, The alligator is going to eat the bigger one.
We are going to proceed as if > is =.
Let's divide both sides by 5...
x is greater than 3.
The alligator will eat anything greater than 3.