Darren C.

asked • 01/21/17

My life is not happy after being at this job for three months, can I leave the job?

I work in a hospitality job, first few days of being there was alright but after afew months I started to realise that this isn't the right fit for me...this job is hard working and there is so much to remember

I don't feel like i'm apart of the team
I wake up dreading to go back
I never create a smile on my face, or I never laugh (everyone else is laughing with each other and having a good time)
I feel like i'm letting the company down by my emotions, mistakes and actions.
I don't think my boss likes me and I can see why
I can sometimes feel abit of laughter behind my back from my co-workers whenever I make a mistake (makes me feel dumb)
I feel scared and anxious the night before about going back (ruins my night)
I lose confidence instead of gaining it (I've had terrible confidence from the beginning so this isn't helping)
I have a major stutter in my speech which reduces my confidence of explaining something to the boss (I can't say a word so he will but in, making me think he is irritated by my stuttering)
I got to prepare myself, close my eyes and take a deep breath before entering my work placement just to give me a little bit of hope that I will get through it without feeling down and anxious all day

Above and beyond, i'm on my lunch break right now and I don't want to go back in there, i'm afraid, anxious and a little bit scared. A lot of people have said to me "be strong" "stay strong" "over time it will get better". This never works, even when I tell it to myself everyday...I even put little courage notes in my calender, "it's another 13 hour day, you can do it, smile and you will get through it"

I believe 3 months is enough to determine if you're happy with a job or not, I didn't expect myself to be miserable within this job but I am and I want to leave...no re position, no talking through it...I.want.too.leave. Im 20 years old and I want to start working on the job I love to do, while achieving goals I have not yet achieved

Please let me know if it's the right thing to do, I believe my happiness is worth more than money

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David W. answered • 01/21/17

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Andrew M. answered • 01/21/17

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Michael J. answered • 01/21/17

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