Jb B.

asked • 04/12/16

Three coins are tossed.

Three coins are tossed.
a) determine the number of points in the sample space.
b)construct a tree diagram and list the sample space.
c)no heads are tossed
d)exactly one head is tossed
e)three heads are tossed

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Arnold F. answered • 04/12/16

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Jazmine B.

No I've been on this problem for 3 days . I figured I would post and see if I would get some help


Arnold F.

If you are flipping a coin 3 times, each flip is either H or T so there at 2x2x2=8 ways of this happening.
The tree diagram starts like this:
   /   \
   \   /
See if you can finish it.
All the sample points are equally likely so that helps you figure out the probabilities.


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