Jazmine B.

asked • 04/05/16

For the statement

write the statement symbolically using parentheses and determine whether it is a negation, conjunction, disjunction, conditional or biconditional 
statement: I will get up on time if and only if the alarm goes off, or the alarm is not set.

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John G. answered • 04/05/16

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Jazmine B.

So in statement part it would be biconditional?


John G.

Overall it's actually a disjunction, but it does also contain a biconditional in the first part.  You need to look the the parentheses as one piece and the ~r as the second piece.  Since the symbol between the two pieces is an "or", it's a disjunction.


Jazmine B.

Oh okay I wasn't looking at it as one piece . I was looking at everything separate . Even in my notes everything is broken down into pieces 


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