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horizontal and vertical lines that go through point (4,7)

Give the equation of the horizontal and vertical lines that go through the point (4,7)

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Megan L. | Rutgers Honors Grad - multiple subjectsRutgers Honors Grad - multiple subjects
Points are labeled as (x, y). On a graph, x is the horizontal axis and y is the vertical axis.
For point (1,2), x = 1, which is a vertical line perpendicular to the x-axis.
In this case, y=2, which is a horizontal line perpendicular to the y-axis.
So, in this case, the vertical line is x=1 and the horizontal line is y=2.

For your point, your x = 4 and your y = 7.
So, your vertical line equation is x = 4 and your horizontal line equation is y=7.
William S. | Experienced scientist, mathematician and instructor - WilliamExperienced scientist, mathematician and...
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x = 4 and y = 7