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write the domian and range

Write the domain and range of the function in interval notation.
f(x)= square root sign then x - 4
Choose the domain of the function?
Whats the range of the function?

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Hi David;
We already know that a negative number cannot be square rooted.
Therefore, to understand the minimum value of the domain...
Domain; 4≤x
Range; 0≤y


Hi the answers that I have to pick form are
for the domain
(0,infinity sign)
[-4 infinity sign)
[4,infinity sign)
(4,infinity sign)
for the range
(4,infinity sign)
[-4,infinity sign)
[0,infinity sign)
(0,infinity sign) 
Hi Again;
You have to select between brackets and parenthesis.
A few weeks ago, I needed help with this too.  Fellow tutor Michael F. of Wilton, CT, rescued me.  It is only a coincidence that we both live in Connecticut.  According to him,
"the parentheses ( and ) indicate no endpoints."
I am quoting out of context.  But if I understand correctly, the ( ) means that the endpoint next to the ( or ) is NOT included.  If I understand that correctly, then the [ ] are what is required here because 
Domain; 4≤x
Range; 0≤y
It is EQUAL or greater than.
I cannot e-mail another tutor.  You can.
Please ask him and have him post his answer herein.
The notation is for {x|a≤x<b} we write [a,b), for {x|a<x≤b} we write (a,b]
for the case x≥4 the usage is [4,∞)
in general when the end point is included use square brackets, when not use parentheses.
Thank you!
But in addition to using brackets and parentheses, you also use { and |.  May I please know why?