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I have a graph that states evaluate f(1)

 I will try to explain it as best as possible.  Just image a table graph type. 
It says, Complete the table. then evaluate f(1)
The first table 
 x                    0        1        2         3       4

f(x)= 2/x-1       ?        ?        ?         ?        ?

Table #2

x                  0       1       2         3        4

f(x)=2/x-1    ?        ?       ?         ?         ?

(type an integer or a fraction.  type N if the function is undefined)
Evaluate f(1). Select the correct choice and fill in the box with you choice
A.  f(1)=  ????
(type an integer or a fraction)
B. The function is undfined 

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Earnest W. | Math and the basics of life Math and the basics of life
f(1) means what is the Y value of a function of x when x = 1.
so you have a function (a particular type of "graph" with y and x in it,
where you only get one y value for each particular x you choose).
from your tables, when x = 1, what is y?
that is all it is asking. read the (x,y) table.
table 1: 
f(x) = (2 /x) -1 , so put 1 wherever you see x.
(2)/(1)   - 1 = 2 - 1 = 1.
so y = 1 when x = 1, so the point (1,1) is in your table and on the graph.
If instead you meant f(x) = 2/(x-1) then evaluate at x = 1, means 
2/(1-1) = 2 / 0 = undefined. so it depends on if you meant a fraction minus a
whole number or if you meant just a fraction. since you did not use parenthesis
I cannot tell.