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How many liters of water should be added to 8 liters of a 75% antifreeze solution to make a 40% antifreeze solution?

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1 Answer

Presently the solution is 8 liters with 75% of it being antifreeze. This means that 75% of the 8 liter (which equals 6 liters) solution is antifreeze. To change the solution, you must add water. In an equation, it looks like this:

6/(8 + x) = 2/5 where x represents the amount of water added & 2/5 represents the amount of the solution that is antifreeze. 

8 + x = 15

X = 7 liters of water


Hi Muhammad;
I am so glad to see you!!!!!!!
I struggled with this question this morning.
You showed me what I missed.  I did not realize that 8 liters was the whole solution.  I thought it was the 75% content.
You are the best of the Wyzants---I mean that!