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whats the axis of symmetry for y=x^2+6x+6

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2 Answers

Just to expand a little bit on Robert's answer:
x2+6x + 6
The standard form of a quadratic function is y = ax2 + bx + c
In your example 1x2+6x + 6,  a=1, b=6, and c=6
The axis of symmetry of a quadratic function is a line that passes
through the vertex (h,k) of the graph, and divides the graph
into two parts that are mirror images of each other. The x value
h = -b    =   -6   =-3
      2a       2(1)
The axis of symmetry is x = -3.
The axis of symmetry passes through the vertex. Therefore,
Since h = -b/(2a) = -6/2 = -3, the axis of symmetry is x = -3.