Bianca P.

asked • 09/11/15

Ten people are at a party, and you want everyone to meet (shake hands with) everyone else at the party. How many handshakes will it take?

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Mark M. answered • 09/11/15

Mathematics Teacher - NCLB Highly Qualified

Alexander B. answered • 09/11/15

PhD in Engineering with 15 Years of Outlook Experience

Alexander B.

Mark M. made an interesting comment: in regards to 9 Justices of the SCOTUS, the number of handshakes calculated using the formula given in my answer (i.e. N*(N-1)/2) would be:
And on the Senate Floor it would be, correspondingly:
100*99/2 = 4,950
The computational formula is actually the same as used for the sum of the arithmetic progression: 9, 8, 7...1


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