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Determine whether the lines aree parallel, perpendicular or neither for y=3x+4 and y=3x+7



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2 Answers

Both equations are written using the slope-intercept form, that is y=mx+b. The variables. "m" and "b" represent the slope and y-intercept, respectively.

Now that you know this information, you can tell that in the first line, y=3x+4, the slope, or rise over run, is 3.

In the second line, y=3x+7, your slope is also 3. Any two lines with an identical slope will always be parallel. The only difference between these two lines, as consistent with the slope-intercept form, is your y-intercept. The y-intercept is where your line will, as the name indicates, intercept the y-axis, which is the vertical axis.

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The lines are parallel, the same slope - m= 3 for each line.

If product of slopes m1 X m2 = -1 they are perpendicular.