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solve this -5x =3-9x

the solution to the equation

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4 Answers

-5x = 3 - 9x

add 9x to both sides, which gives you: 4x = 3

divide 4 on both sides, giving you: x = 3/4 or 0.75

I hope this helps!

-5x = 3 - 9x              Since you are solving for x, you want the x terms on one side of the equation and 3 on
+9x      + 9x                 the opposite side of the equation.  To move the -9x you do the inverse of subtraction, 
 4x = 3                         which is addition, so you add 9x to both sides of the equation.  

4x = 3                        From here, you do the opposite of multiplication (since 4x is really 4 times x) which is
4      4                           division and divide both sides by 4.

x = 3/4  or 0.75           The 4's cancel on the left and you're left with 3/4 or as a decimal you can divide to get

This question is asking you to find the value of x. When solving for x, you want to bring the x terms to the left side and work towards a solution of x = some number.

Step 1:       -5x   =   3 - 9x

  +9x           +9x        Add 9x to both sides

   4x    =    3

Step 2:       4x    =     3

  /4           /4           Divide both sides by 4 to isolate x

   x     =   3/4

Answer: x = 3/4 or 0.75

first add 9x to both sides, to get 9x -5x = 3
collect like terms, to get 4x = 3
then divide both sides by 4, to get x = 3/4