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solve: 2/x=12

the possible anwers are 6, 24, 1/6, 1/24

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Multiply both sides by x: 2 = 12x.

Divide by 12 on both sides to isolate our variable x: 2/12 = x

Reducing this fraction by factoring 2 out of top and bottom, we get x = 1/6.

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Solve for x, where 2/x = 12.

First, you need to get the "x" out of the denominator.


1) To get the "x" out of the denominator, you need to multiply both sides of the equation by "x".  

Remember that x = x/1

(x/1)(2/x) = (12/1)(x/1)

On the left of the "=" sign, the x's cancel each other out, so you're left with "2". 

2/1 or 2 = (12/1)(x/1)

On the right side of the "=" sign, the common denominator is 1, so you have (12)(x)/1 or "12x".

2 = 12x


Now that the "x" is out of the denominator, you need to get the "x" alone on one side of the "=" sign.

2) To get the "x" alone on one side of the "=" sign, you need to divide both sides of the equation by "12"

2/12 = 12x/12

On the right side of the "=" sign, the 12's get canceled out, leaving "x" alone.

2/12 = (12/12)(x/1) Remember that 12/12 = 1, so you have (1)(x) or "x". Leaving you with...

2/12 = x


Now we have a value for "x", where x = 2/12. There' s one more step to go! You need to simplify the fraction.

To simplify 2/12, you need to find a common factor between the numerator (2) and the denominator (12).

The common factor between the numerator and the denominator is "2". So, if you divide both "2" and "12" by "2", 2/2 = 1 and 12/2 = 6, you're left with 1/6.

x = 1/6


So, when solving for x, where 2/x = 12.

x = 1/6



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Hello, Tatiana (and others interested in this question).

You asked about the question (I corrected spelling and capitalization in the quote):

Solve: 2/x=12

        The possible answers are 6, 24, 1/6, 1/24

First, it is surprising for two reasons  that you asked this question and that is not yelling at you.  Here they are:

1.  Four possible answers are given, so by trial and error, you can try each one and get your answer faster than you could post the question here,


2.  The numbers are quite simple, so, you can almost guess the answer, even if no choices were given.

That being said, let me assure you that I believe you are not being lazy and that the question posed a true difficulty for you. So, I thought about that and given WyzAnt's desire that tutors,

 ... Keep in mind how their answers can help a student in the long run. Answering questions in a way that leads a student to understand how to arrive at the answer is preferable to just providing the answer,

I have reflected on possible reasons.

1.  Perhaps you do not know what the word, "solve," means. You can look it up online or in a dictionary.

2.  You haven't had enough pizza.  Get or make several round pizzas.  Cut them in 2,3,4,5,6,12 wedges, and leave 1 uncut.  How many pieces of the pizza cut in 2 fit on top of the whole pizza?  If you have eat one piece, what fraction of the whole is left?  How many pieces of the pizza cut into 12 can fit into 1 piece of the pizza cut into 6?  Ask yourself similar questions until you understand fractions.  If you get tired of pizza, have cherry pie, or, use paper plates or construction paper to represent the pies, and to learn the fractions.

3. You might not understand the parts of a fraction nor the notation: 2/x=12.  The 2 is the numerator, and tells the number of parts of the whole that you have.  The line is the, "vinculum," and it means, "divided by." The, "x," is the denominator.  It tells how many parts are in the whole object.

3. So, look at the equation again.  

Solve: 2/x=12

4.  Put it into words (See point 3. above for hints.).

Two parts that we have, divided by x parts in the whole, equals twelve parts.

5. Put it in another format,

Given 2 ÷ x = 12, solve for x.

    Can you solve that?  If not, substitute a small box  or a, "?," for the x and see if you can do that.  It will then look more like an elementary school math problem.

 2 ÷ ? = 12

Now you can use rules of math or algebra to move the 2 to the other side and have the question mark or box by it self. Multiply both sides by the unknown ( x, the box, or the question mark, depending on the notation you are using.  Here, we go back to using the x.

2  = 12x

Divide both sides by 12:  2 = 12x
                                    12   12

Since 12 divides into 2 and 12 then the right side is 2 over 12 and the right side is 1x, or 1/6 = x.

6.  Try this: 

 2/x = 12

2 = 12
x      1                  

Cross multiply: 2 times 1 = 12x

or, 2 = 12 x.

Divide both sides by 2.  What do you get?

there is 2/2 again so it is just one,  so 1/6 is left.  so x = 1/6

Try this:


If, 2/12 = 1x, and, since 2/2 =1 then the right side here is just x.

Reduce the fraction, 2/12.

1/6 = x

By the identity principle,

x = 1/6


7.  If it is still confusing, or just for fun, you might want to play some fraction games.  If you contact me, I will share some with you.


8.  Go back now and learn a test skill.  Try plugging in each answer and see what you get.


Solve: 2/x=12

the possible answers are 6, 24, 1/6, 1/24


You might make a chart for this.  

If x is:_| The equation is:        ________|__Yes if it works, No if not____  

     6     |                                               |

     24   |                                               |

      1/6 |                                               |

      1/24|                                               |


9.  It might be helpful to learn a list of common fractions or their equivalents for the future speediness of solving math problems. Similarly, you can learn squares and cubes up to 20. These will ultimately help you with tests like the SAT, NCLEX. MCAT, among others, and, will also help you at work and even shopping.

10.  If all this doesn't help, you might get tested for processing difficulties and they might be able to teach you some tricks that can help you in all your studies.  A school guidance counselor or academic dean can help with leads for this.

Good luck.  I would appreciate you letting me know if this discussion has helped you and if any part in particular was more helpful.  Thanks.

 Quotes are from the question you posed in WyzAnt.  Mathematical symbols are from Wikipedia.


(c) JSS 2013.  Contact Dr. J for permissions, if needed.


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Alternate way:  view 2/x = 12 as 2 = 12

                                               x      1

use the reciprocal rule( flip both sides) and get: x = 1

                                                                    2    12

multiply both sides by 2 yielding:  2x = 2

                                                 2      12

since 2/2 =1 then the left side is just x.    

since 2 divides into 2 and 12 then the right side is 2 times 1 or  2  times 1

                                                                        2 times 6     2           6

there is 2/2 again so it is just one so 1/6 is left.

so x = 1/6