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I have trouble rounding to the nearest ten thousandth?

I need help to round 4.6941575982343 & 2.078689326to the nearest ten-thousandth.

I keeping getting it wrong and I don't know what I'm doing.

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Great insight, Steven!  Furthermore, Jackie, I look at the place after the decimal point (in your case, the ten-thousandths place), and that is how far out you need to go with your answer.  For example, if given the number 4.0123, and then asked to round it to the nearest hundredth, that is the exact place where you would need to stop.  The digit, 1, is in the hundredths spot, and the digit to the immediate right of that is a 2 (in the thousandths place).  Since "2" is less than "5," the digit in the hundredths spot would, therefore, remain the same.  The answer would be:  4.01; it's that easy!  Likewise, if the original number were 4.0156, since the "5" (the thousandths place digit) falls into the category of being 5 or higher, you would round up--and thus, raise the digit to the left by one.  Therefore, the answer rounded to the nearest hundredth with this given number would be 4.02.  A rule of thumb I tend to go by when rounding:  "Five or more, change the score; four or less, give it a rest."  I hope that this this helps, and thank you for your time.      

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When working with decimals it is important to remember the order after the decimal point. For instance in .0 the zero is in the tenth position, in .01 the one is in the hundreth position. As you can see the first point is 10 the second is 10 x 10 this continues on as each new number is multiplied by 10. Since our 1 is in the hundreth place if we add another number such as .012 the 2 is now in the thousandth place because 10 x 100 is 1000. So to find the ten thousandth place you need to simply keep going in this manner until you find the position you are looking for. Of course keep in mind that even though you find your position you need to work your way from right to left until you get to your position. With this in mind be aware that if the number to the right is 5 or higher the number to the left is raised by one if the number is under 5 the number to the left remains the same.