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factor 2x^2(5-y)+7x(y-5)+5(5-y)

How can I factor with this parentheses, do I have to multiply? Or do I need to substitute with the parentheses

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1 Answer

2x^2(5-y)+7x(y-5)+5(5-y)  rewrite this by pulling out negative sign from the middle term

2x^2 (5-y) - 7x (-y+5) + 5 (5-y)  rewrite it again for middle term so all the bracket terms look same

2x^2 (5-y) - 7x (5-y) + 5 (5-y)  Now pull out the common term that you see for every term GCF

(5-y) (2x^2 -7x + 5)   Factor the trinomial

(5-y) (2x - 5) (x-1)  ANSWER