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Robert works at a car dealership. Each month, he receives a base salary of $1,617.00, plus a commission of $284.00 for each vehicle he sells. Which of the following equations could be used to determine Robert's total income each month?

(Let x represent the number of cars sold by Robert and y represent his total monthly income.)

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The total commission is just the product of the commission per car sold and the number of cars he sold.

This would be 284x. It should make sense to you if you look at the units:

284 (dollars / car) * x cars = 284x dollars, since the cars cancel leaving just dollars.

Finally, there is a base salary of $1617 added to his pay, resulting in 284x+1617.

Thus you get y = 284x + 1617.

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Total monthly income (y) = base salary (1617) + total commissions (based on number of cars sold, which is 284*x) Therefore, y = 1617 + 284x