English learning

How many different lexical choices do we have to say that someone loses their job? Select five (5) common ones, describe the situations/contexts in which they would be appropriate and give example... more

Can you help me to solve that problem?

w = u2÷v such that u(t) and v(t) are differentiable functions.if u(1) = 3, v(1)= 2, u'(1) = 5 , v'(1)=-4 when t=1 dw÷dt=?


please help med im lost

Solve this application problem using a system of equations: The perimeter of a rectangular building is 234 feet. The width is 27 feet shorter than the length. What are the dimensions?


probability question (data)

5 students were surveyed. 15 take both biology and physics. 42 take biology and 32 take physics. Use Venn diagram to organize this data then calculate the probability that a student selected at... more


Need HELP with Advanced Functions word problem

Create a graph of a function given the following information: The instantaneous rate of change at x=2 is zero. The instantaneous rate of change at x=3 is negative. The average rate of change... more


Statistics task

Suppose you have a box with 3 blue marbles, 2 red marbles, and 4 yellow marbles. You are going to pull one marble, record it’s color, remove it from the box and draw another marble. What is the... more


Help on probability question

After being rejected for employment, Kim Kelly learns that the Bellevue Credit Company has hired only three women among the last 17 new employees. She also learns that the pool of applicants is... more


Probability and combinations

Aliens landed on Costco to buy some groceries and donate blood. The American president is sending an 8-member committee team of scientists to investigate this. His choices include 7 Biologists, 10... more


Can a square have an area of 4x^2-4x-1?


Help on probability problem

A manufacturing machine has a 4% defect rate. If 4 items are chosen at random, what is the probability that at least one will have a defect?

simplify. x((x+5)^-1/2) - sqrt(x+5)


Geometry Basics

Choose five terms, some from geometry and some from other areas of mathematics, and give a precise definition of each.Then change each of those definitions so that it still describes the term but... more


how many terms are in 8y-7+2y

Data Management Probability Questions

1. The following letters are rearranged BROWN. What is the probability that the BRO are together and in this order2.Aliens landed on Costco to buy some groceries and donate blood. The American... more

questions are in the description

Two standard dice are rolled. What is the probability that a sum less than 7 or is divisible by 3? Consider the following: The probability that any teacher has a car is 0.72. The probability that... more

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