Which of the answer(s) true ?

Which of the following is characteristic of the DNA methylation process ? Select one or ones that apply.A.) S-adenosyl methionine (SAM)B.) Histone acetyl transferases (HATs)C.) Histone deacetylases... more


Metallic Character

Arrange the following elements in order of increasing metallic character:phosphorous,nitrogen,antimony,arsenic


Describe the mechanism of action of atropine

2. Atropine is a naturally occurring substance produced by many plants, particularly those in the nightshade family (Solanaceae). As a drug, atropine has a wide array of therapeutic uses; it is on... more


(Question in description) Explain why B, Proteins and carbohydrates, is the correct answer and explain why A , Carbohydrates and lipids, is incorrect. Discuss functions of the organic compounds.

An advertisement for a health supplement for dogs claims to build lean muscle and strengthen tendons and ligaments, as well as provided energy. Which two biomolecules mus the supplement contain to... more


Which of the following statements about muscle contraction are true?

(A) ATP hydrolysis releases myosin from actin.(B) F-actin is a polymer of G-actin monomers and exhibits symmetry.(C) ATP hydrolysis causes a conformational change in the myosin head.(D) The heavy... more


Non-Mendelian Genetics

In humans, there are three alleles for blood types, A=IA, B=IB, and O=i. Type A and B are co-dominant alleles and type O is recessive. Could a man with type AB blood be the father of a child with... more


Which of the following protein structure has a lowest energy

amyloid  native (folded) structure  unfolded structure aggregates

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