How many options

A certain model of automobile is available in seven exterior colors, four interior colors, and three interior styles. In addition, the transmission can be either manual or automatic, and the engine... more


Mathematics: Probability Test

A burger chain wants to send codes for a free small drink to the members of its kids club. The coupon code will have one letter, followed by two digits, followed by two letters. The letters R, S,... more


Statistics - Sampling distribution

Could someone help me understand what this question is asking in my homework?


Proof by ??? Question

I have been given a question to do as part of a task set by our lecturer, however he has failed to provide any examples of similar questions with all the corona stuff going on. Here is the... more


Another tough calc question; help

The concentration of a drug in the body decreases exponentially after a dosage is given. In one clinical study, adult subjects averaged 13 micrograms/mililiter (mcg/mL) of the drug in their blood... more


Distribution with degrees of freedom

Consider a t distribution with 27 degrees of freedom. Compute P(<−1.92<t<1.92) . Round your answer to at least three decimal places. Consider a t distribution with 20 degrees of... more


Maths Probability

According to the US Army medical disqualification list, men must be between 150cm and 200cm tall. In the US, the average height of males is 176cm with a standard deviation of 7.5cm. What proportion... more


What is the probability that Chris gets an orange marble on his first draw and a purple marble on his second draw?

Chris gas a marble jar that contains 10 orange marbles, and 9 purple marbles. He will draw two marbles from the jar one at a time without replacing the first marble. What is the probability that... more


BIO calculus problem

How cooperative behaviors can evolve is an open problem in biology. A cooperative behavior is one in which each organism performs a costly task, but the reward from performing this task is shared... more


The table shows the gender of students in each year group in a school

Year: 7 8 9 10 11Male: Year 7 = 71, Year 8 = 92, Year 9 = 108, Year 10 = 96, Year 11 = 93Female: Year 7 = 89, Year 8 = 88, Year 9 = 90, Year 10 = 92, Year 11 = 100A) What is the probability that a... more


Confidence Intervals

 A random sample of 𝑛n measurements was selected from a population with standard deviation 𝜎=13.7 and unknown mean 𝜇. Calculate a 99% confidence interval for 𝜇 for each of the following... more


Confidence Intervals

A random sample of 100 observations produced a mean of x¯=21.8 from a population with a normal distribution and a standard deviation σ=4.58. (a) Find a 99% confidence interval for 𝜇  ≤𝜇≤(b) Find... more

using the letter in ADJUSTING without repeats. a. how many of these nine-arrangements have a consonant in fifth position and J in the sixth position? b. if a nine-letter arrangement is selected at

using the letter in ADJUSTING without repeats.a. how many of these nine-arrangements have a consonant in fifth position and J in the sixth position?b. if a nine-letter arrangement is selected at... more


the scores for a normal distribution question

 The scores for a normal distribution of a population of IQ scores and there was a mean of 105 and a standard deviation of 12.      Identify the percentage of people that would have an IQ score... more


Are all geometric series power series?

From the general equation of both geometric and power series, the only difference I see is that power series have varying coefficients and can be centered around a non 0 point whereas geometric... more


Statistics - Uniform Distribution

The lengths of a professor's classes has a continuous uniform distribution between 50.0 min and 52.0 min. If one such class is randomly selected, find the probability that the class length is... more


Using calculus to solve motion in straight line

Suppose a certain car supplies a constant deceleration of A meters per second per second. If it is traveling at 90 kilometers per hour (25 meters per second) when the brakes are applied, its... more


A peculiar die?

A peculiar die has the following properties: on any roll the probability of rolling either a 4, a 5, or a 3 is 12, just as it is with an ordinary die. Moreover, the probability of rolling either... more


mathematics, statistic 150

A basketball player makes 110 out of 150 free throws. We would estimate the probability that the player makes the next free throw to be  .answer;

hello i need help figuring out this question

A rapid transit trolley moves with a constant acceleration and covers the distance between two points 300 feet apart in 8 seconds. Its velocity as it passes the second point is 50 feet... more


If a seed is planted, it has a 60% chance of growing into a healthy plant. If 8 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 3 don't grow?

If a seed is planted, it has a 60% chance of growing into a healthy plant.If 8 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 3 don't grow?

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