physics question

A crate is pulled to the right with a force of 94.4 N, to the left with a force of 128.6 N, upward with a force of 509 N, and downward with a force of 246.8 N.What is the net external force in the... more


initial/final kinetic energy / work

The velocity of a car of mass 1200kg changes of 10 m/s to 60 m/s. a. Calculate the initial kinetic energy (K.Ei) of the car. b. Calculate the final kinetic energy (K.Ef) of the car. c. Write down... more


Physics energy questions

1.What is the potential energy of a 300 kg boulder that sits on the edge of a 25 m tall cliff?2.A person eats an 199,000 J snack before working out. If the person uses all of their eaten energy to... more


AP Physics Projectile motion?

Im currently on a WebAssign for my AP Physics Class and this problem has been a real pain. Here's the scenario:A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff h = 285 m above ground level with an... more

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