Asap math I need hlp

I have a loan and the interest rate on the loan doubles.I wish to keep the same amortization period, but should I  double the payment?If you answer could you please provide an example so I could... more


Lanier review 51

Supply & DemandIn supply (and demand) problems, yy is the number of items the supplier will produce (or the public will buy) if the price of the item is xx.For a particular product, the supply... more

Trig Problem (pls help me ASAP)

A ship travels at 30 knots from its home port on a course of 97 degree for 2 hours and then changes to a course of 187 degree for 2 hours. Find the distance and bearing of the home port to the ship.

Use the Method of Undetermined coefficients to solve the system X'=AX+F where...

4 2 -15A= ( ) , F(t)= ( ) *te^(-2t) 3 -1 -4


What is the speed of the proton?

A proton moves eastward in the plane of Earth’s magnetic field so that the distance from the ground remains constant.  What speed is the speed of the proton if Earth’s magnetic field points north... more


Given that −6i is a zero, factor the following polynomial function completely. Use the Conjugate Roots Theorem, if applicable. f(x)=x4−2x3+x2−72x−1260

Given that  is a zero, factor the following polynomial function completely. Use the Conjugate Roots Theorem, if applicable.f(x)=x4−2x3+x2−72x−1260

Basic combinatorics

I just started learning combinatorics. Those aren't really hard but I still have some trouble. There are 3 different cities: A, B, C. There are 6 ways from A to B, and 4 ways from B to C. How many... more


find the most general antiderivative of

Find the most general antiderivative of f(x)=−2−2x3−8x5−6x7.

sin^2 x(1+cot^2 x)=1

prove the identity above

cos3x+cos5x/cos3x-cos5x = cotxcot4x

prove the identity above

Financial Functions Excel

The casino threw in a new twist. In addition to the previous offer (options 1 and 2):1) $30,000 five years from now, or2) $25,000 todayThey are offering to pay you an annuity (option 3):3) $9,000... more

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